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DNMS - Developmental Needs Strategies


Energy Medicine

Developmental Needs Meeting Strategies is a way of working with wounds that came from childhood, when a person’s needs were not adequately met.

Examples of such wounds are – the child lived in a home where there was a caregiver with severe mental health or physical needs; substance abuse habits; or there was another child with overwhelming needs to name a few. The focus was not on the child and their development, so their needs were not met consistently.

Children growing up in this situation often do not know that their needs are not being met – they only  understand it later or when they meet others who grew up in more functional households.

So this form of trauma sometimes flies under the radar but is no less devastating than the big traumas that effect people – like the house burning down; the tragic loss of a parent; or sexual assault.

DNMS was developed by Shirley Jean Schmidt and her website is: https://www.dnmsinstitute.com/ .

There you will find a slideshow explaining the therapy - https://dnmsinstitute.com/clients/slideshow/ .

I sometimes use this therapy along with other treatments and at times on it’s own. It is a very effective treatment for trauma.